J. Blair Schiffbauer is an Augusta Native and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art from Augusta State University in 2005. She continued taking art classes at Augusta State University until 2007, when she took a break from art to focus on a career in management and building a family.


In 2012, Blair gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Anderson. Shortly after his birth, Anderson was called to Heaven. This was an event that would forever change her life and the way she saw the World. She struggled for a while to find her joy and passion in art. In 2013, Blair gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Eli. It was with his birth she realized that every day is a blessing, even the bad ones. She believes that every day shapes who you are and is a part of your journey through life. This philosophy inspires Blair in her artwork; as well as the joy of life, the blessing of every day, the colors and shapes of the world around us and the chaotic harmony of life with a toddler. While many have sought the beauty of perfection, Blair’s journey through life so far has shaped her to find the beauty of imperfection. She hopes that with each piece she creates, the viewer feels joy in an imperfect world.